Islev Duathlon (5 km – 24 km – 5 km) – great opening of the racing season. Always well organized and you meet everyone from beginners to elite athletes. Great job Brian Lykkegård Dåsbjerg and everyone from Islev Triathlon Club!

Ended up as 4th in a close race (only 39 seconds separated top 4). Congratulations to the top three – super strong performances Kristian Munk Nielsen, Esben Hovgaard & Rasmus Henning.

Overall that’s probably an ok result in a race that was seen as a good hard workout and included some very strong athletes – BUT: In total I probably lost 25-40 seconds just during the transitions to each of the three guys in front of me. Just not good enough!!

Well, after the race I was a bit frustrated, but I always try to focus on the things that I learned from the race and can use in the future:
1) Transitions – practice! Promise it will be perfect to Powerman Denmark 8/5!

2) I am still in good running shape. 15:57 (4,9 km) + 16:29 (4,95). Actually I should probably have put a little more effort on the first run – doesn’t really affect the cycling whether I go 90% or 95% on the first run.

3) Despite being behind the other fast guys I am much stronger on the bike compared to ever before. 1:35 after a super strong man like Esben Hovgaard, but that includes the lose in the transition zone. So around 1 min just on the bike.
Definitely much more comfortable on my new bike from Giant Copenhagen compared to the feeling from last year!

A great thing about racing in Denmark is that you get the chance to catch up and meet a lot of interesting athletes. For instance Pia Englyst – she is also ambassador for X-Bionic and a super strong athlete. But today was just not the day for X-Bionic Denmark since both of us ended up as 4th wink-humørikon

Next workout: Tomorrow morning – bike intervals + technique. Need to practice!!

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