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……De bedste trailsko jeg løb i ……

… jeg nød at løbe ned af bakke uden at mine fødder blev bumbet og klempt mod forenden af skoen……  (Redaktørens oversættelse).

Læs den fulde anmeldelse herunder.

Cloudventure by On

Swiss shoemaker On says running through the Alps informed its footwear design. I ran in the slightly less gorgeous Oakland hills (which can get pretty steep BTW), so although I subjected them to conditions far less arduous than On designed them for, I’d still say the Cloudventure Waterproofs ($170, Rating: 8) were the best pair of trail shoes I ran in.

The shoe’s defining feature is the spring-like rubber sole. Bouncy loops around the exterior provide noticeable oomph when you run, and bottom of the sole boasts four different types of grip. Overkill, perhaps, but it works. I didn’t slip once on dirt. I did however slip on concrete, because these shoes turn into bars of soap on slick streets. Stick to the trail.

The shoe’s waterproof membrane keeps your feet plenty dry without suffocating your feet, and isn’t so rigid that the shoes hurt. I actually enjoyed running downhill because my toes didn’t feel like they were smashing into a wall. It was almost dangerous, because I nothing stopped me from going full speed. My only qualm? The shoes need more ankle support. The shoes excel at up-and-down, Alps-style running, not trails requiring more effort from the sides of the feet. A run on a relatively flat trail with many switchbacks left my ankles sore for days.

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